The Virgin Valley offers a lifestyle beyond compare. Plain and simple, people want to live and work here.

When asked, local employees often remark about the benefits of living and working so close to the recreation of choice and on the flip side, employers often comment that the productivity and work ethic of the workforce is a true asset to businesses in the area. It is just fact that in the Virgin Valley, the quality lifestyle and the business climate are a true asset to our ever-growing workforce.


The Mesquite labor force has grown significantly over the past ten years. That growth is not simply in the number of employees, but in the skills they possess. Businesses are sure to find the resources available within our labor market to propel them to the next level. Further, in partnerships with the educational institutions, programs are regularly being developed to ensure our workforce continues to match the needs of our businesses.

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Mesquite, Nevada Building Permits

Building permits for Mesquite Nevada 

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Active Business Licenses


Monthly Building Permits Get the most current information about monthly building permit totals and information.
Active Business Licenses See list of all the current licensed businesses in Mesquite.
New Business Licenses Get a list of the latest new businesses in Mesquite.
Revoked Business Licenses See list of businesses that no longer have a current business license in Mesquite.
Mesquite Regional Business, Inc. Zoom Prospector Current demographic information collected specifically for Mesquite, NV
Clark County Demographics Offers a county-level overview of housing and population data.
Clark County Monitoring Program  Examine economic, fiscal and social data for all of Clark County.
Nevada State Demographer Serves the state by producing annual population estimates; total population projections; and age, sex, race, and Hispanic origin estimates and projections.
US Census Bureau Explore official US Census data for Mesquite.
Quality of Life
City of Mesquite Parks, Trails and Open Space Head out and walk the miles of trails and enjoy the parks uniquely available in Mesquite.
Golf Courses in Mesquite Discover our world-class golf courses and all they have to offer.
Greater Mesquite Arts Foundation The arts are thriving in Mesquite. Learn about all the different ways you can become involved.
National Parks Mesquite is located just a short distance from Zion National Park, the Grand Canyon and multiple other national outdoor getaways.
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Mesquite Regional Business, Inc. Zoom Prospector GIS mapping system with available commercial property and sites details
Mesquite Real Estate Association  Mesquite MLS Real Estate Organization
Nevada Housing Division State of Nevada Housing Division
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Energy Information Administration Examine a wealth of data for renewable energy projects. Sponsored by the US Energy Information Administration.
Economic Data
Labor Force Research A web-based mapping and reporting application that shows where workers are employed and where they live. It also provides companion reports on age, race, ethnicity, educational attainment, earnings and industry distributions.
List of Current Business Licenses in Mesquite Review a list of all the businesses with a current business license.
Nevada Workforce Informer (Nevada Department of Employment, Training and Research – Research and Analysis Bureau) Review a smattering of workforce and economic information and analysis. Generates the employment for Nevada.
Property Tax Estimator Estimate what your annual property taxes would be.
Major Employers

The economic base in Mesquite is diverse, spanning an array of industries, and provides solid employment opportunities from entry level to skilled professionals.

Employer # Employees
Casablanca Casino Resort
(Mesquite Gaming)
Virgin River Casino Resort
(Mesquite Gaming)
Eureka Casino Resort 
Clark County School District 
Mesa View Regional Hospital
City of Mesquite 
Primex Plastic
Highland Manor
(Assisted Living Resort)
Do It Best Corporation
Source: Mesquite Regional Business Staff 5/2016
Nevada’s State and Local Tax

Favorable State Tax Climate

Nevada ranks a very favorable third in the Tax Foundation’s 2018 Business Tax Climate Index, an independent ranking of states in five areas of taxation: corporate taxes; individual income taxes, sales taxes, unemployment insurance taxes, and taxes on property, including residential and commercial property.

Unlike nearly all other states, Nevada has no Corporate or Personal Income Tax – what you earn is what you keep and what you have available to re-invest.

Nevada ranks 3rd in the Tax Foundation’s State Business Tax Climate Index. The Index compares the states in five areas of taxation that impact business: corporate taxes, individual income taxes, sales taxes, unemployment insurance taxes, and taxes on property, including residential and commercial property. The ranks of neighboring states are as follows: California, 48th, Oregon, 12th, Idaho, 18th, Utah, 9th, and Arizona, 22nd.


Nevada’s State and Local Tax Burden Below National Average

Nevada’s 2010 tax burden of 8.24% ranks 9th lowest out of 50 states and is below the national average of 9.9%. Nevada’s taxpayers pay $3297 per capita in state and local taxes.

The state’s historically strong logistics and distribution business sector is as much a statement of tax policy – no Inventory Tax – as it is of the excellence of its air, rail, and highway arterial infrastructure and proximity to major markets and ports.

There is also no Franchise Tax or Unitary Tax, which means you don’t pay for the privilege of being in business in Nevada, or for being in Nevada and operating components of your business elsewhere.

Finally, Nevada has no Estate or Inheritance Tax, which makes it attractive to retirees and others with substantial estates.